The expertise, tools and processes you need to have confidence in your investment strategy, clarity in your financial plan, and fulfillment in your impact.

Beginning with a sound financial foundation, our team will guide you through a process that engages your heart, creates your unique definition of impact, and designs a strategic impact plan that is effective, sustainable, catalytic, and multi-generational.

Our services focus on:

Investment Management

Our approach to wealth management is simple: asset allocation drives portfolio returns. Our approach is based on volumes of research on historical data through decades of evolving markets. Our clients know that “it’s my time in the market, not timing the market” that makes the difference. We firmly believe that proper asset allocation and investment discipline are the keys to harnessing the risks and returns of today’s global market. Our task is to lead our clients to maintain a disciplined investment strategy during the best and worst of fluctuating global markets.

We know that confidence is built on trust and relationships, so we focus on people before plans. We’ll ask questions and explore your financial balance sheets, investment objectives, risk tolerances, time frames, and values. Our approach is to build investment recommendations specific to your unique financial goals, life objectives, and the impact you want to create. Your unique set of circumstances such as income needs, tax impact, concentration issues, legacy objectives, or charitable intent are factored into every recommendation so you can feel confident in your investments.

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

Legacy Planning

Legacy planning involves the core practices of traditional financial planning.  Planning for taxes, education, retirement, and cash flow, to name a few, are all essential to traditional financial planning.  But legacy planning goes significantly past traditional financial planning.  Traditional financial planning addresses “how” you leave an inheritance to your children.  Legacy planning addresses “why” you leave an inheritance to your children.  Traditional financial planning addresses “how” you protect your assets from the erosion of taxes.  Legacy planning addresses “why” you protect your assets from the erosion of taxes.  Understanding the “why” gives purpose, focus, and foundation to the structure of the “how”.

Our comprehensive wealth management services are provided through a secure, personal financial homepage that consolidates all investment accounts, financial projections, and estate planning data in one secure location, accessible whenever desired from any global location where internet access is available. The consolidated information is updated every market day, and we work on a continual basis as life stages and objectives change over time.

Impact Strategies

We believe that everyone can have impact if they are willing to think outside the box. When it comes to developing impact strategies, we look at two main areas: Philanthropy and Impact Investing.

Philanthropy is one of the most used ways of creating impact with your finances. It is a way of directly helping fund organizations that are located all over the world and who are driven by various social, environmental, and faith-based missions that you are passionate about supporting. Along with the benefit of having impact through your philanthropic efforts, it is also one of the biggest areas of benefit regarding your income tax liabilities and therefore is an integral piece of your comprehensive financial picture.

Impact investing is a relatively new idea that seeks to place resources to work for good without having to sacrifice the opportunity for financial returns. Whether that is through investing in a socially responsible portfolio that aligns with your values or a direct investment in a socially-minded company, we believe that impact investing is a crucial step in helping you live a uniquely impactful life.

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