Engaging your heart in our approach

We work to engage the hearts of people who want to do more than simply amass wealth,
helping them to have a significant impact on the world in which they live.

Our Process Combines:


Access to your own Personal Financial Website including a Financial Organizer for your personal finances, a Digital Vault for your documents, alerts, reminders and mobile access.


Accountability and advice from your own personal financial advisor, with discussions around your short and long-term aspirations and how to make them a reality.


Connections to other financial specialists and resources including Estate Attorneys, Accountants, Private Bankers, Insurance and Real Estate specialists.

Anticipation – Your Financial Lens

Our process begins with a look at your finances from the perspective of your “Why”. How does your “Why” guide your financial choices, and what impact will those decisions create for both the short and long-term?

We consider your:

  • Financial Objectives: Assess your personal motivations, craft your financial mission statement, and focus on living with significance, not just pursuing success.
  • Financial Investments: Consider the impact of your financial investment opportunities, craft an investment guideline statement, and focus on investing with purpose.
  • Financial Generosity: Discuss your philanthropic legacy plan, craft your family generosity statement, and focus on sharing with intention as an example for future generations.

Preparation – Your Financial Foundations

With your “Why” in place, our process continues by reviewing the basics and ensuring your financial plan is built on a strong foundation by understanding your current financial situation. Financial Foundations includes:

  • Organizing your cash flow and balance sheet.
  • Reviewing core topics like wills and insurance.
  • Identifying any obvious financial mistakes.

Exploration – Your Financial Possibilities

Once you have a clear financial lens in focus and your foundations in place, we transition our conversations to the Financial Possibilities that exist. In this stage of the process, we work to:

  • Discern in vivid detail the hopes and dreams for your financial future.
  • Model a comprehensive strategy with future projections.
  • Seek to maximize the financial resources you have been entrusted to steward.

We Believe…

…that you and your family are unique, not cookie-cutter.

…that you and your family’s vision and values drive the strategy, not ours.

…that impact planning is values-driven, not numbers-driven.

…that flexibility is a requirement for an impact plan, not just a by-product.

…that impact planning is a journey, not an event.

…that impact planning is fluid, not static.

…that our relationship with you is life-long, not a one-time event.

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